Team Bio's

Tabatha Black LMT Head Shot.jpg

Tabatha Black LMT & Owner
CT Licensed Massage Therapist  #8278
Member of the American Massage Therapy Association


Tabatha, who specializes in Neuromuscular Massage, has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2014. She opened her own practice, in 2016. Seeing how many of her clients were benefiting from regular therapeutic massage work and a desire to be around like-minded professionals, she seized an opportunity in 2018 to expand her practice and grow her business. Tabatha's practice focuses on the client’s wellbeing; Her understanding of anatomy & physiology, injury patterns, referred pain and kinesiology support her intuition and lend perspective to her understanding of the body/mind dynamic.
She enjoys sharing her knowledge of post massage supportive measures to enhance her client's continued wellbeing off the massage table

Stefanie Riccardo Solo Portrait.png

Stefanie Riccardo LMT 
CT Licensed Massage Therapist  #7672

Stefanie is a 2012 graduate of the CCMT where she was trained in Swedish Massage, Acupressure, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release & Sports Massage.
Stefanie has a deep understanding of the mind-body connection and believes that massage therapy can greatly improve her clients’ body awareness thus resulting in a better sense of well being and performance.
Stefanie is an equestrian who also enjoys multiple athletic activities including trail running, road & mountain cycling, stand up paddleboarding, swimming & weight training.
Through her understanding of the training needs of these sports she is able to focus her sessions around muscular imbalances & areas of holding to achieve better sports performance for athletes of all disciplines while decreasing pain, improving mobility, decreasing recovery time and improving overall well being.

Adrienne LMT Head Shot.jpg

Adrienne Fierro LMT 
CT Licensed Massage Therapist  #5172


Adrienne graduated from Branford Hall’s massage program in 2007, her education sprouted the belief that massage is a balance of mind, body and spirit. Taking her time at each appointment to develop a treatment plan for her clients needs; whether that be relaxation, pain management or increasing range of motion; is important to Adrienne: “Communication is key to facilitate healing during and after each session.”
Adrienne uses her almost 15 years of practice, education and intuition to pull from an array of modalities ranging from deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point, Craniosacral, Reiki and pregnancy massage. In her free time Adrienne enjoys gardening, painting and kayaking.

Karen Merrill LMT .jpeg

Karen Merrill LMT 
CT Licensed Massage Therapist  #11033


Karen is a graduate of Cortiva Institute in Cromwell.  She has a career background in Occupational Therapy, concentrated in the adult and geriatric population. Her background leads to a holistic approach to wellness. She believes that therapeutic relationship and communication are the most important aspects of healing, wellness and client centered care. Karen incorporates techniques of swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point work to meet the needs of her clientele. Karen is a lifelong learner who is always seeking to build her knowledge through continued education. In her free time, Karen enjoys time with her family and friends, spending time outdoors and seeing her “grandpuppies”. 

Shelby Burdick LMT.jpg

Shelby Burdick LMT 
CT Licensed Massage Therapist #9917


Shelby is a 2018 CCMT graduate who immediately fell in love with the mind-body connection that massage therapy has to offer. Upon finishing school, Shelby blended her love of massage therapy and athletics by working at a local chiropractor's office and her family’s gym. Working side-by-side with other professionals allowed
her to gain further insight to how the body works and heals. Having an enthusiastic understanding of anatomy and kinesiology, she gained certifications in rock blading, kines-taping and myofascial release. She highly values education amongst herself and clients and appreciates the trust that develops between the two as they problem solve trouble areas together. Between her therapeutic careers, shelby has 5 years of spa experience. With this, she has learned to blend the balance between relaxation and sports therapy techniques that improve mobility while decreasing pain and discomfort. In her free time, Shelby enjoys reading, running and gaming.

Bradley Lenz LAc.jpg

Dr. K. Bradley Lenz LAc DACM
CT Acu License #766


Dr. K Bradley Lenz is a nationally certified acupuncturist, trained in Classical Chinese Medicine, with over 15 years of experience working to align people with their highest health intentions. He graduated from the Maui School of Therapeutic massage in 2004, specializing in “Mana Lomi.*” Dr. Lenz graduated with a dual-degree from the Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts in 2019, becoming a licensed acupuncturist in 2020. He ran a private integrative practice in Asheville, NC for several years, using acupuncture, massage, Chinese herbal medicine, and auxiliary techniques like cupping, gua sha, chinese dietary therapy and essential oil formulation. 
  He recently returned to his home-state of Connecticut and is a father to two boys. In his free time, Dr. Lenz enjoys surfing and coaching his son’s soccer team!

*Mana Lomi is a form of indigenous Hawaiian bodywork focused on re-aligning the body at all levels.

Elif Headshot for Energy Healing.jpg

Elif Ahmad


Elif is a healing practitioner that helps activate the inner healer that resides within us all; certified Reiki Master teacher, hypnotist, recovery support specialist for mental health and researcher of energy medicine & mind/body science for over 14 years. Elif's lived experience has paved the way for her to devote her life to being of service. 

She is also the founder of the Connecticut Center for Mind-Body Enrichment, a fully recognized, progressive and holistic non-profit, focusing on post-pandemic stress reduction. 60 minute Energy Healing Sessions include turning forks, reiki and deep meditative practices for stress reduction. 

Dana Witter Solo Portrait.png

Dana Witter LMT 
CT Licensed Massage Therapist  #8683


Dana is a CCMT graduate and has been licensed and practicing massage since 2015. She initially entered her career to offer a safe space of relaxation and healing. The connection from providing a nurturing touch is a great honor to Dana. She truly appreciates the trust that develops between herself and her clients and how empowering massage can be. She values education and seeks every opportunity to gain knowledge in the ever-evolving massage and healing field. Dana loves to offer specific work in the neck and shoulders, having dealt with a personal shoulder injury herself. She also loves to offer full body deep tissue work, deeply relaxing Swedish massage, as well as prenatal and cupping. In a session with Dana, she likes to let her clients’ muscles tell a story of what they need. 


Dana has lived along the Connecticut shoreline her entire life and enjoys viewing nature on hikes with her husband and daughter in her free time.