Client Testimonials

"Whatever Tabatha  did to loosen up my hip flexor/ quad today is incredible. For the first time since I crashed and fractured my pelvis, I can lift my knee to chest without pain in that area. Absolutely incredible. Thank you."


"I work out six days a week and experience severe soreness, strains or muscle pulls. Tabatha always has the answer. She's strong and pleasant to be around. I own a gym and highly recommend her to members and clients. They always come back and appreciate the direction!!"


"Tabatha is absolutely amazing at what she does! I've never had a massage therapist actually notice and care about what was going on with my body (yes, she noticed extremely tight muscles in my neck and asked if I was having tension headaches lately! Talk about care! Oh and yes, she got rid of those headaches, and I was simply there for the relaxation!) I would recommend her 100%, she's absolutely wonderful."


"For anyone who would like to know the benefits of a massage, especially one given by an informed massage therapist, I would highly recommend one given by the loving hands of Tabatha Black of 640 Massage Therapies. She has opened her own studio on the Boston Post Rd in Westbrook. It's more than a massage, it's an experience of healing relaxation. You won't know how much you need it until you have experienced Tabatha's table."