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Mental Health Awareness Is 365 Days

By Andrea Popolizio

As May comes to an end, so does the light around Mental Health Awareness. At 640, we

believe that Mental Health Awareness is not just for May but for all year long. We advocate

that help is help no matter how that may look.

We know that taking the first steps to seek help may be a bit difficult, especially if you don’t think

there are resources out there for you. There are great resources that can help you get connected to good support—and feeling better—sooner than you might think.

One way to get your journey started with improving mental health is self-care. Self-care is such

an important part of your mental health. We would like to share some tips to help you start your


1. Don’t forget your basic needs. It’s easy to forget the everyday habits that can improve

your mental health and well-being:

➔ Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eight to 10 hours is ideal.

➔ Spend time outside when possible.

➔ Move your body in whatever way you can that feels good to you.

➔ Make sure you’re eating and drinking plenty of water.

➔ Try journaling, meditation or breathing to help you ground yourself in the present


2. Prioritize self-care and stress relief:

➔ Set aside a dedicated time each day, week or month to do something that makes you

feel relaxed, alleviates stress or simply makes you happy—whether it’s meditation,

booking a massage, using aromatherapy, cooking, dancing to your favorite playlist,

walking your dog or doodling in a coloring book.

➔ Fun Fact: Studies have shown that massages, acupuncture, energy healing and

skincare treatments can improve your overall health inside and out. These treatments

can make a positive change to the body, including a decrease in some stress chemicals,

such as cortisol.

3. Staying connected:

➔ Spending time with people you trust can really help you process and manage big

emotions and is good for your mental health overall. Even if you don’t feel up to it, reach

out to friends and family you trust, in person or remotely. You might be surprised how

much it helps in hard moments.

4. Small actions can have a big impact:

➔ Do something kind for others, i.e. hold the door open for someone; give a compliment;

pay someone else’s kindness forward. See how these small acts boost your mental

health and have the added bonus of likely making a positive impact on others.

Remember Mental Health is real, not a stigma. Putting you and your mental health first is not

selfish, it is self care. When you take care of your mental, physical and emotional health, you

become more resilient and help manage life stressors in a healthy and positive way.

So, make self-care a priority this May and beyond. Spread positivity. Be hopeful. Practice

patience, kindness and empathy toward others. It may just make a life-changing difference.

*If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, please go to or text CTL to 741741*

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