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How Energy Healing can help manage Stress

By Elif Ahmad


Consistent (chronic) stress is an ongoing epidemic of the western world. Many are aware of the link between chronic stress and the onset of disease. Whether symptoms are major or minor, constant stress is not how we are designed to live. This is why self care is as vital as the air we breathe. We need to be able to deliberately “unplug” from the busy world, to recharge energetically… we need to take time to breathe.

For so long, the mainstream approach to health and wellbeing has excluded intangible things such as consciousness, emotion, and the energy/life force of the soul and spirit. We call this old approach the Newtonian model. Yet, as I write this, there is an ongoing shift taking place in the scientific community. Although this shift is slow, science is beginning to move away from the belief that the human body is a machine. Modern science has been showing us that the human body is something far greater than a vessel of mechanics: there is a consciousness, emotion, and a life force that lives within the human body, which exist in our cells. Thus, the re-merging of Spirit and Science.

Energy Healing Sessions are designed to focus and address the life force/energy body that resides within the physical body. These non-invasive sessions are more than inviting a sense of calm and deep relaxation; there is the promotion of wellbeing, personal empowerment, and healing for every person. Using 3 proven healing modalities, almost simultaneously, Energy Healing Sessions assist with recharging, moving energy blockages, so that the Life Force/energy flows freer within the body, unobstructed, with less resistance.


Energy is consciousness. Energy is emotion. Energy is Life Force (referred to as “innate intelligence” in modern medicine). A simple visual of this would be to imagine that your physical body is a “house”. This “house” where your Spirit (Life Force/Energy) dwells. And when our Life Force/Energy is blocked/obstructed, “stuck”, this has a direct impact on the physical “house”, either in a minor or way or in a major way that we call “disease”.

When Life Force/Energy is flowing, we FEEL better, we are more centered, solutions to our life’s problems tend to appear….. We feel more ALIVE, energized, and healthier.

After all, the word “health” comes from the Old English word meaning “whole”. To be healthy means to be whole. And to be whole involves the body, mind, AND Spirit (Life Force/Energy).

* All proceeds from Energy Healing Sessions are donated to a local, grassroots 501(c)3 nonprofit organization Connecticut Center For Mind-Body Enrichment, Inc., to help make our world a bit brighter*

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