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Benefits of Energy Healing

By Elif Ahmad

It has come to my awareness that there is a need for education about Reiki and the Energy Body. In this blog entry I intend to raise awareness regarding the Energy Body and Reiki.

What is Reiki? Reiki is Universal Energy. In my Energy Healing sessions, I am merely the Reiki channel. This Universal Energy flows through me by envisioning myself as "the hollow bone".

Reiki is harmless, it doesn’t hurt, and it has no side effects. Reiki can be administered hands on or hands off. I usually place my hands around/above the person’s head. Reiki Energy knows where the healing is needed in the body. Reiki is great for everything including: anxiety, addiction, depression, headaches, cancer recovery, injury healing, surgery recovery, chronic stress/chronic illness, joint problems, IBS, etc.

Currently, Reiki is widely accepted and used in many hospitals across the nation to assist with healing. It is also used for pre-op and post-op. Neurosurgeon, John Turner, M.D writes about the positive effects of using Reiki on his own patients pre-op in Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations, I have had the pleasure to speak with Dr. Turner about Reiki. It was an incredible experience to hear and learn about his passion and enthusiasm with Reiki, how it has helped his patients and the results he experienced from using it. In his findings, Reiki has reduced stress before surgery and decreased recovery time afterwards as well as reducing inflammation and decreasing pain.

As a long-time researcher of mind-body science, emerging sciences, a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Reiki Master, I love to share my education and knowledge about what Reiki is and how Energy plays a vital role in our lives.

I facilitate one-on-one Energy Healing sessions. These sessions invite the person to be present, and promote relaxation, and access the non-thinking mind.

Believe it or not the Energy Body is what makes the physical body come alive. We have been told time and time again that we are “limited”. Actually, we are incredibly powerful, and who we really are is so much more than who we’ve been made to think we are.

Some years back, I had someone come to me for a session who was butting heads with his Mother. Usually, he was very close to his Mother, but something had caused a shift in their relationship. About 20 minutes into the session, tears started falling from this young man’s eyes. Two days later he called me, with excitement and happiness in his voice, he told me that all was fine again with his Mother.

In another healing session, a veteran came to me with tight back muscles. A few minutes after I started administering Reiki, he asked me if I was massaging him. I told him that my hands weren’t even touching him.

Beautiful things can happen during an Energy Healing Session.

In my Energy Healing Sessions, along with the Reiki, I incorporate two specific tuning forks. One is to calm the nervous system by initiating rest and relaxation, as well as activating the Vagus nerve (known as the “second brain”/ “wandering nerve’). This nerve runs from the brain, to the heart, and to the gut). The other tuning fork is used to raise the vibration of the person on the “healing bed”. One good thing to know about tuning forks is that cells respond to sound and cells respond to frequency.

In every Energy Healing Session I offer simple stress reduction techniques that can be done at any time. An example would be proper breathing which is restorative and helps with stress reduction. Guided Imagery is incorporated as well, to take a break from the constantly thinking mind.

Energy Healing Sessions can be transformative. From “aha!” moments to emotional release. Every person has a different experience in these sessions but every person reports leaving feeling much better than when they had arrived.

If you ever feel “stuck”, or “stagnant”, or are curious about the experience, make an appointment with me!

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