Crystal Schauder LMT 
CT Licensed Massage Therapist #8803

Crystal is a 2008 graduate of Humanity Center School of Massage in Florida. She leans heavily on her knowledge and experience from working closely with chiropractors in Florida and Connecticut over the last 10+ years. 

Crystals direct practical treatments are rooted in the philosophy of balance in the body. She believes that normalizing tightness in muscle tissue patterns gives her clients relief. She's passionate about helping clients, co-workers and family members achieve their optimal health through natural means. 

When not at work Crystal is busy raising her two children, and sometimes even chickens too. 

Meet the 640 Team

Serena Trudel 

Serena is a Westbrook native who is currently studying for her nursing degree. She's an avid equestrian and loves pet sitting on the side. At 640 Massage she's not only our receptionist but the back bone of our office.

Kate Gleason LMT 
CT Licensed Massage Therapist #005655

Kate was first introduced to massage therapy early in childhood as part of a physical therapy routine. After her personal experience was so beneficial she knew this was something to she wanted to learn and share. Kate has worked in many different fields of massage over her 12 plus year career. However, for the past 9 years she has mainly worked as massage therapist in a chiropractic office. Focusing on injuries and other physical ailments as a team with the chiropractor, medical doctor and physical therapist.
Kate believes massage therapy is a big part of self awareness and goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle

Tabatha L. Krier LMT & Owner
CT Licensed Massage Therapist  #8278
Member of the American Massage Therapy Association

Deep tissue techniques including active & passive stretching and trigger point work infuse Tabby’s work; she finds the vigorous work profoundly rewarding as she seeks to continually understand the root causes of muscular pain, discomfort & tension.

Tabby finds satisfaction in the trust that develops between therapist and client, this trust being one of the most important aspects of the therapeutic relationship.

Her understanding of anatomy & physiology, injury patterns, referred pain and kinesiology support her intuition and lend perspective to her understanding of the body/mind dynamic.
She enjoys sharing her knowledge of  post massage supportive measures to enhance her clients continued well being off the massage table.

​640 Massage Therapies provides therapeutic massage services for all 640 muscles in the body. Our highly trained Licensed Massage Therapists have advanced knowledge and understanding of human anatomy, physiology & kinesiology. Using their years of personal and professional experiences they are able to identify and treat areas of muscular imbalance & chronic pain.

Left to Right; Stefanie Riccardo LMT, Crystal Schauder LMT, Tabatha Krier LMT & Owner, Kate Gleason LMT, Serena Trudel Receptionist 

Stefanie Riccardo LMT 
CT Licensed Massage Therapist #7672

Stefanie is a 2012 graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy where she was trained in Swedish Massage, Acupressure, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release & Sports Massage.
Stefanie has a deep understanding of the mind-body connection and believes that massage therapy can greatly improve her clients’ body awareness thus resulting in a better sense of well being and performance.
Stefanie is an equestrian who also enjoys multiple athletic activities including trail running, road & mountain cycling, stand up paddleboarding, swimming & weight training.
Through her understanding of the training needs of these sports she is able to focus her sessions around muscular imbalances & areas of holding to achieve better sports performance for athletes of all disciplines while decreasing pain, improving mobility, decreasing recovery time and improving overall well being.